Why Choose a Licensed Vendor?

A Licensed Vendor:

  • Pays substantial fees to be licensed, thereby making a financial commitment which helps to support the school and its licensing agency.
  • Must have its products and printing processes approved every year; thus ensuring that the vendor’s products meet the rigorous standards set forth by the schools licensing agency.
  • Has up-to-date camera ready artwork for all approved logos.
  • Has your current graphic standards.  We know your official school colors and all the rules governing the printing of your logos.
  • Reports all of their sales to the licensing agency – even if there is no royalty generated.  These reports provide your school with a complete picture of how their logos are presented and the school can make sure that no mistakes have been made.
  • Is a member of the Fair Labor Association.  Membership with FLA ensures quality merchandise is provided to schools and that the merchandise is produced in approved manufacturing facilities.

Trade Organization Memberships and Support

We are licensed to produce collegiate merchandise for over 600 schools through the following companies:

We are adding more schools everyday!

  • CASE
    We are supporters of this trade organization.
  • Creosote Affects
    Creosote is a strategic marketing firm that partners with educational institutions to develop communications that increase enrollment, raise institutional funds and broaden brand recognition.
  • National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA)
    We are supporters.
    This is the trade organization for college athletic directors.
    We have exhibited at their national convention for the past (3) years.
  • Fair Labor Association (FLA)
    We are members.  Jester is listed on the FLA web site as a Category C company, listed alphabetically under “T” as The Jester Company


Detailed Information from FLA Web Site:

Participating Companies make a sustained corporate commitment to implement socially responsible programs generally and the FLA Code of Conduct specifically throughout their full factory base.

As of 2006, in order to further the sustainability of factory compliance, the FLA created a new category of Participating Suppliers. These factories are taking a leadership position by directly committing to implement the same standards as participating companies. In addition, it offers added diversity and expertise to the FLA partnership.

Some of the Participating Companies and all of the category B, C, and D licensees have licensing relationships with FLA affiliated colleges and universities (indicated by an asterisk *.)  Licensees must commit to implementing the FLA Code of Conduct in those factories in which they do university production if they want to do business with an FLA-affiliated school.